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SquareStack helps improve your insight and decision making by integrating your existing software business apps and other digital services.

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Built for the small
business owner

Your business data real-time metrics in a single dashboard

SquareStack provides you a single view into all your data making it more valuable in developing business insights.

One place to login

Save time managing all your passwords for your apps and digital services. Give your employees access to what they need. SquareStack provides single-sign-on for apps and services you use. No need to remember all your user names and passwords.

Get the book!

The SquareStack revolution has a new guide book: It's called Appify Your Business. Written by SquareStack CEO Bill Furlong, it's full of facts and figures that demonstrate how Apps are helping small businesses owners leverage technology.

“Every morning this gives you a starting point for your day!”
Monica – Small buisness owner

Start managing all your business apps today!

Support for dozens of apps giving you choice and new ways to look at your business data. It’s everything you need to keep your daily decisions square in front of you.

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